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Collectibles Trophy Bugged?


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Note sure if any other new players are going to come across this, so I thought id let everyone know in case.

I am running on the latest 1.09 patch I believe (the latest patch anyway) and I ran into an issue where I have collected all collectibles yet the trophy has not popped up.


Ive tried deleting save data, reinstalling, running the game again, no luck at all

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Completed the game and got the Platinum a few days ago & had no problems with any trophies.

Did you start the game on a previous patch? My play-through was exclusively on one patch, wonder if that's how the glitch happens?

Seems like your only option is another play-through. :(

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On 09/02/2017 at 2:31 PM, ivangutjahr said:

Are you 100% sure that you have all type of collectibles? 


See this: 



Yeah, ive now done it, in the end i had to completely wipe all saves, and the install, then run through the game again, did it, and it randomly popped up so there must have been a bug somewhere.

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