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Hello, I have been playing Playstation for many years, starting with the original at my friends house and then getting my first proper console of my own which was the PS2. Then PS3 and now, of course, PS4. During my time playing before internet connectivity on consoles I was quite happy to play alone. But after going online and meeting people, a lot of nice people for the most part, my eyes got opened a lot towards how fun it is to play just for the fun and social part of it. My values for playing now are mostly having fun, being social, co-operative gaming (not really into competitive gaming) and not taking myself or the games too seriously. The only thing I am quite "strict" about is that people have a headset and use it, obviously. Kind of hard having social fun if you can't talk with the people you play with.


And that is where this thread comes in. Share your PSN ID (if you want) if your feelings towards online gaming is the same as mine. :)

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