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Literally tonnes available near me.


I had a 2DS for a bit, but then when my Vita carked it I used the store credit to upgrade to a New 3DS XL as that wasn't out when I got the 2DS. I sold the 2DS for 10 bucks more than I bought it for new and moved on.


Both are great little machines, I prefer the feel of the N3DSXL slightly, but honestly, the 2DS is probably the better way to go. Price is lower, it often comes with Mario Kart packed in (the only game on 3DS that I'd say is actually worth buying the machine for, though that will soon be instead said about MK 8 on Switch), and since the games are so shitty looking / low res, most of them look a fair bit better on the smaller screen, less stretched and all that. 


3D camera is cool but you'll use it once and move on, same with the 3D feature in general. Unless the price is comparable, I'd go with a 2DS, the thing is pretty cool tbh, the missus has the pink one and every now and then I use it just because I enjoy the feel of it, no other portable like it in my opinion.

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You could try contacting a retailer and ask when they're getting more stock. Could make them hurry with restocking if they see there's interested buyers.


Oh, and Nintendo 3DS is a great system with a fantastic game library. I own the original 3DS and a 3DS XL myself, considering upgrading to a New 3DS XL at some point.

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9 hours ago, UPAxGUNxGRAVE said:

[...]I know its weird or may seem weird to want one [...].


Why? Most Nintendo gamers are adults. Most Pokemon fans are 20+. I don't understand why Nintendo is bundling most of their games with the 2DS...

People even told me with 12 (!) that I'm childish, for playing Mario... fuck people...


5 hours ago, UPAxGUNxGRAVE said:

But yes all I see is the 2ds and it doesnt look very appealing to me not as much as the 3ds xl


I don't know how old you are, but a New3DSXL feels pretty good for me. I'm 27 soon(TM).

I had the small New3DS too, but it felt too small for me. My hands started to hurt after half of an hour. (I have no problems with a Vita1000 though.)

I had a 2DS at first, because back then I only wanted to play Pokemon X but, it feels really cheap and uncomfortable for me. (Also it has some fps drops in Pokemon, which doesn't matter, because it's Pokemon, and Smash Bros drops at some points around the 20fps mark.)


...Also, the new FireEmblem that is coming soon is a NEW3DS-exclusive. :P  (And Switch, but not for Old3DS)

And some games have better textures on New3DS, which makes the low-res argument invalid.

Interesting topic that might influence your decision: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1177455


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