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Game any good?


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7 minutes ago, Gamalier_2011 said:

is a Decent Game in my Opinion


:| It's terrible this is from a person who actually bought a game to write a guide for it over on the PST site (obviously didn't get the sticky though). If you class this as decent, then god help you if you ever decide to review video games. 


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You might find enjoyment in Motorcycle Club occasionally, but overall this is a very bad racing game. The game teaches you nothing at the start... if you restart a race after finishing, you will get the results of the previous race rather than the one you just did. The AI are the most useless I've ever seen - they're very dumb and you, the player, have a very big advantage over them being able to change bikes in between races. They are unable to provide any competition whatsoever, and are often laps and minutes behind, especially on tracks with a lot of broken road. The changes from the beginning championships to the final ones are virtually zero. The handling of the bikes are also very bad, they understeer a lot. The game tells you that the blue bikes handle best and the custom bikes are more difficult to handle, but I think they're lying. The custom bike has trouble if you suddenly start steering left when going right, but it turns much more sharply around corners than anything else, and is the bike I would suggest using for sharp corners. The blue bike is mostly useless.



On 23/01/2017 at 2:03 AM, Superstarmaste1r said:

So is it an easy plat? 

Technically, yes it is a very easy plat, although it's not a short easy plat (~20 hours). Races can also get very boring eventually because most lack any AI competition. This game is okay in small doses though - later often I did just one race a day. 


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what i find funny in this game is than sometime you hit the wall and your speed increase to the top lol. your are at 150 km/h hit the wall in a curve and boom you are at 240 km/h. I have to restart the game the the missable trophy cause i make the challenge make the same race 5 times in a row :( . At the begining i was thinking that was 70 race medails but that is not the case.

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