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I played the original Shadow Warrior way back in 1997 (when I was 9 years old and far too young to really be playing it) and thoroughly enjoyed it. The game wasn't as good as Duke Nukem 3D or Blood for that matter, around the same level as Redneck Rampage. 


This completely flew under my radar, I guess this game pretty much went under the carpet. While I doubt this will be as good as Wolfenstein The New Order (haven't played the Metro games yet) I still think Shadow Warrior will be fun.


My one concern is the platinum from what I heard is extremely difficult to get, due to Heroic Mode. But if I do get this game, which likely won't be for a while, I will try to persevere.

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Not really comparable to TNO,  because the gameplay is different.  Shadow Warrior is much closer to the old style of FPS games (Duke Nukem,  original Shadow Warrior)  in that it's fast paced and focused on moving around to avoid enemy fire and take them out.  If you liked that style from back in the day you'll probably like this.  It's one of the best FPS games released this gen Imo.  

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