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Code Break Reality Shift

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1 hour ago, Jeffersonteng12 said:

what are all the command breaks to unlock the trophy? 

I know you do get it before you do all the commands.  Self Destruct is one, but off the top of my head, not sure of all of them.  Most are on enemies.  One is on the turrets you see around and one is on a door locking mechanism which you need to do to proceed.


I believe the enemies have about 3 available... so 5 commands all up.

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Just now, Griffon234 said:

According to the wiki - there's one you do on the boss as well - Disc Jammer.


@DrakeHellsing - did you do this one? 


If not, would this trophy not be missable? I didn't realise until after I finished the boss with Sora. =/

Nope, never did that one actually, I just attacked Rinzler and healed as need be.  Didn't even know that one was an option..  The trophy popped for me when I did the door unlocking with Riku (whom was my second turn in The Grid).  But yeah, never did the Disc Jammer one.  And I know I got the trophy before Riku's battle against the Commantis.


I believe the ones from this list here: https://www.khwiki.com/Code_Break


The ones I did were Auto Destruct, Prize Box, Switch Targets and Unlock.  I know I used Transport too, which may be counted as well.  But Energy Jammer I used after I got the trophy (it's needed regardless to defeat Commantis anyway).  Prize Shot I think I did, but not certain.


But that list gives you an idea as well with what is needed based upon what I had said as well.  But again, best others also take note to which ones they had done as well.  But as I said, never did Disc Jammer myself.

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Just now, Griffon234 said:

Okay - I can confirm as I just got it, the ones I used were:


Auto Destruct

Prize Shot

Prize Box

Switch Targets 


Moving Spark



I received the trophy upon using unlock. 


Disc Jammer and Energy Jammer are NOT needed.



Yup, Unlock was the last one I used with Riku and the trophy unlocked for me then.  So that's essentially what we have.  I guess they did not include those two in case it was misable, the Disc Jammer in particular, since you can't fight Rinzler again.

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