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The Game You Have Spend The Most Hours Playing


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I have spent around 2000 hours playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on PS3. The game has a timer that only reaches 999:59:59 so after that point, I can only speculate how many hours have been played. I have been stuck at 999:59:59 for around 2 years so that's why I'm guessing my play time is around 2000 hours for the game. I have also spent around 1000 hours playing Ninja Gaiden 3 vanilla version on PS3. 

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I don't think I've ever went too far past 100 hours on any game. I guess with all my Persona 4 saves combined I'd have around 140 hours invested in it maybe? For my main and only save in Ni no Kuni I had around 110 hours.


EDIT: Not counting the exponential amount of time I've spent in Pokemon since I can't even think of how much that could be.

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Last year it was Overwatch and FFXIV, the years before that I consistently played The Last of Us Online and Mario Kart 8 for hundreds of hours each . I've done a complete mastered playthrough of FFX several times with over 100 hours for each play. Picross 3D and Super Mario Galaxy i put over a hundred as well.


When I was a kid, it was probably, FFIV, Sonic 2, Gunstar Heroes and Super Mario World i put the most time in, I would beat those games over and over. 

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