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PS4 Won't Connect to Server


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I'm connected to WiFi, every time I run a test it says it's good to go, I checked the PSN status and it says everything is good. When I try to play a game online, it comes up with an error message saying the system can't connect to the server. Then it resets all my WiFi settings and the process repeats itsef. I've also gotten messages saying a DNS server can't be used, even though I set it to automatic.

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5 minutes ago, DuckSwimmer said:

What game specifically are you trying to play?


I'm having issues connecting to Overwatch at this time.. It literally kicked me from a comp game and I can't reconnect.


Edit: Overwatch servers are down, solved my issue.. lol.

Mostly Rainbow Six, but when I try to load my friends list or what's new it does the same thing.

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