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Tips for "Get This Party Started" trophy


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This trophy is extremely difficult to boost. However I've been able to get the conditions and the trophy several times. You must set your clock to 7am or / and 7.30 am Tokyo time (22 and 22.30 GMT time for me). Wake Up Club must be the front running app for at least 20 minutes before that time, but more is even better. Set the Vita energy saving to 30 minutes. Within 1 or 2 days the trophy this will be successful and the trophy will pop. I did use another Vita with another account several times and they wouldn't be in the same club, and tried to boost it with others a few times, no luck either. 10 of the 12 users will be japanese (usually it's 11 and you).

Some luck required anyway.


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This definitely still works if anyone is still trying to achieve this trophy.  Set times at 15 minute increments between 5am and 730 or 8am Japan time and it will almost always have 12 people.  I haven't gotten one where everyone has woken up yet but this is by far the best time to get it!! 

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Earned this trophy on 4/19/2019 @ 6:50 AM 8 hours ahead of UK Daylight Saving (BST). I Managed to show up with 11 other users in the Wake-up Club on this time and at 5:50 AM. On the 1st attempt of the day 1 player overslept but then 1 hour later all 12 users woke up within 2 minutes.

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A few other things I found out by finishing this that will perhaps be useful for others.


For "Best of the Best" you need:

- at least a human player

- that everyone will wake-up, not difficult if most are bots


Of course you'll have to be first but the app seems to be pretty generous with this. This is easy to boost with another player, just set your alarms for each consecutive minute. Once you've found each other you'll stay in the same group. Try to avoid Japan waking time, as you can get quite a few humans and if one doesn't wake-up it's a time waste. Boosting this with 2 will take slightly more than 1 hour all going well (not meeting other humans that is).


When you have this one you'll have left the giant grind for "Team Player" and "Best Pals". For these you're better alone, and preferably getting alarms with no human players. Just use 2 alarms, there's plenty of time to reset one for the next 2 minutes once it has been used after a successful wake-up with just bots, or a speedy human. Using the 5 is a pain and there's no advantage. If necessary avoid the 0, 15, 30 and 45 minute marks to recue possibility of human players. Do see that if a human player does not wake up the game will wait 5 minutes for him, making this a waste of time and it won't count for everything you need, namely "Best Pals". Be careful that you must wait for the Congratulations message to show up on screen or the alarm won't count towards "Best Pals".


You'll spend a minimum of 6 hours on this one.


Good luck (have fun doesn't exactly apply in this one).






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A few others and I have discovered a bug while attempting this trophy today that prevents certain people from registering as "awake" despite them being on the "awake screen". This only occurs with people you get into lobbies with multiple times as it didn't seem to happen with the random people we encountered over the span of 3 hours. My alt always showed up fine for one person, but after a while bugged for my main & someone else.


If a bugged person leaves the lobby before it expires then it will register them as "awake" for those who still see them as "asleep". Restarting the application appears to fix/prevent this from happening in future lobbies as well.


(at least 5 accounts are bugged in this screenshot, including both my accounts which are unable to see each other as awake)



EDIT: After a semi-successful (minus 2 of our members) session the next day it does still seem to only happen with whoever you get into multiple lobbies with and don't restart between alarms - if you're doing 15 minute intervals I'd recommend restarting immediately if a lobby isn't full so you don't run into this problem. The more people you have in your group the better, if someone ends up being bugged communicate with each other and figure out who needs to back out so the others can get it - after that it will be slightly easier to get them theirs as you now have more accounts that can bug out and leave without issue.


:00/:30 are good for large amounts of random JP players but run a higher risk of someone not waking up, as well as your group being more split up amongst different lobbies. :15/:45 seemed to be a bit better for getting everybody in a larger group (9-10) into the same lobby with possibly a couple JP players but also has high chance at getting bots - our group had 1 bot and 1 of our members was sent into the void by himself with 11 other bots... the matchmaking in this game is very random.

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