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Finish this st***id game 3 times


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Is there any good reason for play this sh*t 3 times? Game is such boring with casual story.. only going from A to B.. They didnt remember about this when you finish game on the harderst difficulty, lower trophies will pop.. no.. you have to run this same 3 times for.. for what -_- I think some of you havent platinum cause game is such boring..

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Ok? I didn't find the game that boring, I liked it for the most part and I didn't mind playing through it 3 times, especially the third playthrough which went by very fast because I was so used to the game already and it's short anyway.


Maybe you should have looked into the game before starting it.

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8 minutes ago, Kyl542 said:

i got an easy solution for you. if you don't like going through it 3 times then play it once and dont touch it again, no one is forcing you to do it 3x

but mah trophies and stuffs...

Even then, I'd at least suggest if you're sick of it.. to just delay getting the trophies/plat. Is getting it quicker really  any better if you're miserable? I'd have the Mini Ninjas plat if it didn't glitch on me and I have to replay the game a third time. And I actually love that game, but it's just annoying to have to deal with that kind of thing. So I'm putting it off until I actually feel like doing it.

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I thought playing Prince of Persia thrice was pretty retarded too, so i put a gap of other trophy less games in betwen to kill the boredom and some loud music to not listen the game sounds. It helped me, try that or just leave the game if you dislike it that much

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I know how you feel. I also needed to gather some serious motivation to do 3 playthroughs of this game. That's why it took me almost 4 months to plat it! The difficulty trophies not stacking is just stupid, but I was aware of this when I started the game. If you really want the plat, I think you just have to do it, without thinking much about it. At least, you'll win an ultra rare plat. :)

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On 1/3/2018 at 0:01 PM, LunchCannon54 said:

I feel like I should finish the Wii U version that I have which I actually like but only played for one afternoon, but the allure of trophies is calling to me. They made good use of the gamepad in it, at least. Do they still have that terrible multiplayer mode in this one? 

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So nice of you censoring the word stupid, I would've had a heart attack if I ever read filth like this here.

What's the third ''star'' for btw?


EDIT: Oh, just looked at the date this was posted... NECROMANCY!

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