Last day for two free max level boost (Reduce platinum from 6 character grinds down to 4)

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Today is the last day to claim the free max level boost for non-subscribers.


Subscribers get two free max level boosts. (Must subscribe to unlock any trophy)


You need 6 max level toons for the platinum. This game is cross platform and your characters count towards both trophy lists. Just sign into ps3 and instant pop every ps4 trophy.


Refer to my guide for specific details on the trophies:


Your free level boost comes with cr 100 gear. This is enough to cover at least the first two DLC packs. While subscribed, I suggest you tackle these trophies as well.

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I grabbed mine yesterday, it was a good deal. My healer has been sitting at cr75 for a LONG time now. Thanks to this, now all my characters are over 100 lol.

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