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100% Link Attacks : Sora

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Hey guys i'm just missing this section. i cannot find what im missing here


Meow Wounce

Roll Call

Whirling Bronco



Flame Thrower


Poison Dash

Water Blaster

Bubble Blaster

Paw Groove

Equestrian Raid

Swing Fling

Belly Raid

Target Shot

Trap Shot

Cure Sun

Vacuum Ghost

Berserker Bronco

Lucky Dice

Fire Blaster

Poison Rain

Flame Raid

Ice Raid

Tail Groove

Aura Raid


Dual Link:




Union Rush

Chaos Snake

Prism Light

Trinity Limit




EDIT : i was missing the Unwind link attack (Tubguin Ace), looks like its new, i was comparing my list with the 3ds guide and it wasnt there xD

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