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Platinium obtainable as of 3rd February, 2017

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Yeah, it just so happened I was in the mood for a Final Fantasy game and a few days ago I stumbled upon Earthlock, which just so happens to give me all the Final Fantasy experience I was searching for without having to take a break from trophy hunting because it is a lot shorter than any FF title :D Do you plan on picking it up?



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3 hours ago, Torracat83 said:

Which one was unobtainable without the patch?

Spiritualist of the Sands, when you meet the requirements you unlock Lango Plantmaster instead.
When you meet the requirements for Lango Plantmaster no trophy unlocks.

So if you don't want to do the plant grind unlock Lango Plantmaster first by meeting the Spiritualist of the Sands requirement then update the game, kill one more ghost and get both trophies.

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