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Shadow+Clean hands+Souvenirs in 1 playthrough?


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Yes this is definitely possible. You can take off the head and destroy the Clockwork Soldier with lots of different and fun methods, some of which are better for stealth than others but it can still be difficult to get right. As long as you make sure to create a manual save before attempting it and check your stats straight after killing it to make sure you weren't spotted then you will be fine. I would suggest either using drop assassinations, the first one will remove the head and as long as you are very quick with blinking away you will not be spotted, then a second drop will finish the job. Or you can use crossbow bolts to take the head off then a drop assassination after that. Or of course mines and grenades will work or even a strategically placed rewire tool can help out but that is very risky. I'm sure you will experiment and find the method that suits you best, and there are also many videos on YouTube showing the best ways to stealth kill a clockwork soldier. Good luck!

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