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Big missable trophy. It's worth repeating.


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1. Do not complete any of the bundles in the community center. You will miss the Joja trophy and have to start a new game (which I now must do). Save all the items needed in a chest. 


2. When you have 150,000 g, backup your save to the cloud or usb. 


3. Talk to Joja guy in Jojamart (east part of town). Start membership. 


4. Sleep. Head back to Jojamart. Pay guy for all updates. 


5. Sleep. Trophy for Joja development should pop. 


6. Reload save. Now try to complete bundles at your leisure for the Community Center trophy. 



I know some advice was given elsewhere....Just want to prevent anyone else from making my mistake. Get that platinum, friends!



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Correction. You can do most of the bundles with items, back up your game, buy a Joja membership and last bundle, and it should pop after the next day. Then reload the backup and complete the bundles with no Joja. 

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