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Legendary drops

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They did lower the drop rate on iwajira a long time ago since everyone was farming thingys for the grinder. But they buffed pretty much everyone else's drop rates. 


I can't really point to anyone specific since I like to farm all over the place. I take variety over efficiency. But there's tons of bosses worth farming. 


Felicity drops the best grenade in the game imo and CL4P-L3K drops the best oz kit. But I wouldn't really look to either of them for pure grinder food efficiency.

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45 minutes ago, zombiesateme said:

Is farming better for TVHM? I remember having better luck on the ps3 version of 2 so I wasn't sure if it was the same for the ps4.


Boss drop aren't affected by difficulty as far as I know. I find chest farming is more generous on higher difficulties, but even that I don't know if its true or not.

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