Trophy Hunting Origins: How did You get started with trophy hunting?

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Happy Saturday yall!


I often think that it is interesting when listening to how people got started in trophy hunting, what drives them, and some of their high's and lows that they experience when taking more time then the average gamer to search every nook and cranny or farm an annoying objective. Share your story of how you got started and some of your big achievements, or why trophy hunting is important to you! 


For me, trophy hunting is a way in which I make sure to spend time with the games that I have instead of going out and buying twenty more when I haven't finished my past games. Before I got my PS4 and created a new account, I was annoyed when looking back at my previous list from my previous account to see how many unfinished games I left unattended. My goal, now that I have a new account and enjoy playing through my games fully, is to make sure that I do not move onto a new game until I finish the 2 or 3 I have started (barring expensive DLC for games like Goat Simulator). As a result, I challenge myself in new ways I couldn't have before, leading to some of my more favorite achievements such as beating the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune remaster on Brutal difficulty. Overall, it has helped me to be a better gamer, to feel more accomplished, and to enjoy the time I spend with each game on my system.


What are some of your guy's stories?

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