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My Kung Fu is Stronger tip


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Hello everyone I came across this as I was going for the "My Kung Fu is Stronger" gold trophy seeing as nobody managed to mention this as of yet.


For anyone who is unfamiliar with this trophy, to gain mastery of 1 fighter you need to do the following:


win 100 fights (full matches, not individual rounds)

perform 100 fatalities (stage and babalities count)

perform 150 X-ray moves

spill 10,000 pints of blood

spend 24 real-time hours with the character (offline or online).


The tip that I have learned is that when you are playing a tag match (either against a computer, or a second controller) and you win a match, both you and the person that you picked as your tagging partner will collect the win, and said win does count towards the first condition. For example: You go to Tag against a second controller. I pick Kabal and then I pick Raiden as my tag partner. I pick 2 random character to go up against. I input the following code 044 440 (player 1 presses :triangle: 4 times and :circle: 4 times, while player 2 presses :square: 4 times and :triangle: 4 times) at the loading screen which brings both players' health to 1 hp,win the fight, and that win will count for both Kabal and Raiden (my tag partner).


I don't know if this will be beneficial to anyone, but I just thought that I would put my 2 cents in. Note that If you are going for this method, and you do perform a fatality with a specific character (in this case, I perform the fatality with Kabal), the fatality count will only increase for Kabal, and not for Raiden.


If anyone believes that this tip may not be useful, then @Sly Ripper you can go ahead with deleting this thread (or locking it).

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It's not really a useful tip or necessary to do what you have explained as even if you do tag along another character while doing the wins/fatalities, you'd still need the 100 fatalities with the other character, which automatically grant you getting the 100 wins at the same time by default. Having to kill two characters with 1 health while grinding this out will make it last slightly longer as well due to the 1-2 second wait time of having the next character come in after one is dead.


The only use for tag matches is for getting playtime up with two characters at the same time while idling, x-rays and spilling blood.

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