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Forum for 7 DAYS TO DIE missing


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For some reason (couldn't find any information in the forums here) the forum for the game 7 DAYS TO DIE (https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4827-7-days-to-die/) is missing. Should be https://forum.psnprofiles.com/forum/4242-7-days-to-die/ and there are also posts shown in the recent posts list, but opening the forum throws this error:


We could not locate the item you are trying to view.

Error code: 2F176/1


Also I think there was a guide for that game, too. Is this something on my side?

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10 hours ago, Stevieboy said:

There seems to be quite a number of forum entries missing from the 0-9 section.



haha, nice. literally my FIRST thought when i read the first post was: "i bet it has someting to do with starting with a number" :P


guess that's something that can be easily fixed by sly 

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1 minute ago, Satoshi Ookami said:

Hard to say. Because if it starts with number, it is usually okay =D

Even if unreadable starts with a number =D



those links always start with a number, yes. pretty sure it's the internal ID of the game/forum here on PSNP... like for the database etc.

perhaps that's even the reason why the site gets confused about those numbers, even tho' the internal ID and the game title are separated by a dash... would be strange but i've seen worse in my 17 years of working in IT :P

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