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chain break cheat


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So i guess there is this glitch or cheat So you can beat Titan mode in just a few hours. It lets you have every weapon and spell maxed out at the start of the game. Does anyone know if doing this will 100% unlock the titan trophy? Cause I'm playing the game once on easy, getting all the possesions, eyes, etc and i'm gonna do the maze and such and i really REALLY don't want to go though this on Titan mode.

1) Parry & roll your way through the beginning of the game
2) Arrive at the Hades fight
3) Spend hours upon hours trying to perfect your system of dodges & attacks
4) Succumb to the fact that Hades has made you his bitch
5) Quit out of frustration
6) Fetal position
7) Eventually move on with your life

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You can skip almost the entire game using this cheat since you can simply just break the crystals of the judges when you firt encounter them and go straight up to Zeus.

But on the other hand I actually recommend just doing this trophy the normal way and play the game on titan, it's sometimes challenging yes but it's really really fun.

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