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Any Turkish/Istanbul Gamers here? I'd like to know where do you buy physical games at the lowest price?


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I'll be staying in Istanbul for a long time so I'll have to buy games here. I prefer my games physically a lot more compared to digitally. Any Istanbul locals know where to get some at the lowest price?

And I noticed places like Media Markt, Teknosa and the likes tend to sell them really expensive. Where I come from, there were shops also the same, but there were also other shops the media or the government itself called them "The Grey Markets", because they sell stuff without guarantee and can be shady. But they were really cheap and even cheaper than digital versions. But when you befriend the shop keeper (which eventually you kinda end up doing), there's nothing to worry about. He even starts to give you discounts and offers, which I really love and miss a lot now.

Anything similar here in Istanbul?

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