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Rebirth Island


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Currently I'm in the vehicular section but for some reason Treyarch decided to put in a checkpoint where you instantly die without allowing you to do anything, reminds me of COD Classic. The checkpoint I'm referring to starts when Weaver says "that's the main drive to the laboratories", then you just die. That's it. You literally just die because not only are you already shooting at enemies at that point, the tank you're in turns to the right and then that's it. You're dead. Even if you somehow manage to get that little bit done, the tank turns to the left and more enemies appear. But the game gives you 0.1 seconds to react to maybe 20 people shooting at you and there are no other checkpoints to be given until the vehicular section is done. Is there something I've done wrong here because there is no way anyone played through veteran at Treyarch. I refuse to believe veteran was tested in development.


I can handle infinite spawns on missions such as Executive Order and SOG, but what I really can't stand in first person shooters, is broken checkpoints. Not broken as in "oh I should've had a checkpoint here" but badly placed ones. Ones that just have you die without giving the player a chance to position themselves to get a good look to what to expect; or as in vehicular sections, not giving the player a chance to have a look at where to aim next. 


If anyone who has done this mission knows a good way to do this checkpoint, feel free to educate me on it, because personally I think in terms of getting shot at, this game is worse than World at War.

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I'm the complete opposite xD. I can't stand infinite spawning. It feels like a cheap way to make a game difficult. 


Having finished this a while back, i would say that this is probably the hardest part of the game. The best tip I can give is to pre fire your enemies before you turn each corner. When you turn right after the first section, instantly start spraying at the guys on the top right ledge. Once they're dead then you should be able to pass that section quite simply. But the last part will be the worst. Again, pre fire the guys on the stairs to the left. Once you're done with those then you'll need to be able to quickly blow up both of the cars that are in front of you. Just continue spraying after that because they start to come from both sides.

Its essential to be quick on this sequence as there's no room for error. Fortunately its only about a minute long so you'll be able to get some practice under your belt. 


I found this video that might be of some help to you. It pretty much sums up the whole "pre fire" idea. 

Good luck with it. You shouldn't have too much of a problem considering the fact that you've done World at War.

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Thanks for the advice, I finally did it a while ago. I cried my eyes out when I saw Checkpoint Reached. This is probably the first time in years a game has made me shed tears. I'm reluctant to finish the game off. Maybe I'll try and do it today. Funny thing about the video is I pretty much replicated the same aiming and shit and I had a bad attitude towards the game when doing it. Sort of like a "can't be bothered anymore" thing. It sucks when a game does this because I like Black Ops. But this section, and infinite spawning should not happen again. Somehow my controller still works after throwing it everywhere. I guess the video above can help others a bit at least, so they won't be as stupid as me and start throwing stuff.

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