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Drawn to Death: New trophy list with a Platinum

Dead Weight

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this is a free game right?

For PS+ Members, yeah, it's free. 
OT: This game looks fucking rad. Gives me a Madworld vibe. And trophy images and titles do look awesome. 

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14 hours ago, danielc655 said:

Has no one noticed if you read the trophies title from the plat all the way down it's a little story?


Wow it's true O.o Cool xD


It seems sorta like the story of the Game's Author! 

But what ended up with Amy? Will he told us in DLCS? xD:awesome: 

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Don't know if they've updated the XP model (we had to throw a lot of matches to get two characters level 15 and hit floor 15 on the tower), but Happy's right Limited Access was around 25-30 hours if you boost and I don't see too much difference here. It's way more if you play legit. It has a team mode now but the majority are 2-4 player DM modes, and your biggest caveat is in the limited only the top 2 would climb the tower. The bottom 2 took a step back.


In addition to tower you want to boost at least part of the character missions, though it was mainly 1v1 stuff the few later ones had something like "hit multiple opponents with a single special 10 times". IIRC limited too had a Sphinx but the game didn't have any riddles so you only progressed by accident, should be easier this time :P Organ donor is the flag capture variant of the game, you die you drop a heart. There's another boostable if you're no good at the game, whoever delivers 10 hearts triggers a countdown to win if you can't kill the person in time. But moreso you want to boost the single deposit trophy because the match was timed for 15 minutes. Couple trophies (Emperor, Alien I think) are environmental traps and players will learn to avoid the kill spot soon enough.


All in all looks like it's still an UR list, around 5 highly conditional trophies but the majority anyone can get legit just playing long enough. You'll wish custom matches pop trophies and if it does you better start straight away before they patch it out. Also it's a DM arena and limited access phoned home all the time including to fetch your profile and stats, so I expect this'll go unachievable whenever Jaffe runs out of Sony cash and pulls the plug. Didn't see word yet if there'll be micropayments.

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On 23/03/2017 at 11:26 PM, Jibril said:

It was going to be a free game, but they went back on that and decided to charge money for it. It's been confirmed for the April IGC though, so if you have PS plus then you can rent it for no extra charge.

Rent it? You mean purchase.

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