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55 minutes ago, milanbarca82 said:

That sucks.
Do you think these issues would interfere with getting the platinum?


I think it will be managable, although the controls are a little clunky.

I only played HM Back to Nature back in the day and don't too much about all the fine mechanics of this one, so I really don't know much about missable one's. Most seem straightforward, but I guess it's never wrong to have a backup-save every now and then on your PC. You can only save three diaries in the game itself. I myself will make a savegame for each season (10 days) that I've completed. Better be safe than sorry, I guess. :)

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On 3/25/2017 at 9:48 PM, BlazingCat83 said:

They could've made this list a total nightmare, like "have your child be this career" (there's several options and you have to start pretty early to set them on the path you want). The chapter ones are story related. Most of them are pretty straightforward. A few (like digging up all the tablets) may take some work. However, it could've been a LOT harder.

I am honestly glad that the list is just a straight playthrough that involves a good bit of collecting and in some cases grinding. I can only imagine having to play the game in all 6 chapters with the child following a certain path.

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