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Freedom of spech not include Insulting People. I never act like a Child. Vut most people here do. If other Sites allow to Insult People just show on which Level they are.



To the Disputed Games again, because since Sly Joined it seems more possible to Discuss this as before:


GTA i give a 100% clear Statement about Trophy Order. Most people earn Trophys in same Order like me. Guides say too that you earn Maximum Respect before End of the Line. Think that cleared.


To Dead Nation was 2 Movies uploaded which shows that it is possible to Rush through Morbid and from Wave 5-10 with same Timestamps like there was on my Acc. On the End of first Movie you see that my Acc is logged in. 



That are 2 unquestionable Proofs for the booth reported Games. What is about them now?


@Sly Ripper



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The disputed games are unflagged. If you have proof of a cheated hidden game, PM me.


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