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which of these three do you like most?


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the idea is you mention three different things, can be everything you want, so it can be totally different or all about the same thing.


the next person will say which they like most and put a new three options.


this cycle will keep continuing.




there are only 5 rules:


1: don't post stuff you don't know yourself

2: if you react make sure you at least know 2 of the 3 things mentioned

3: if you only know 2 of the 3, mention which one you don't. no mention means you know all three.

4: always use both an reaction and a new question, never leave one of the 2

5: have fun :)




here is mine:


A: final fantasy

B: star ocean

C: dragon quest

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Image comics for sure. I read mostly in collections rather than buying individual issues, and I like to start things at the beginning. As many of Image's titles are relatively young, they're easier to find the start of the story and then buy up the whole back catalogue. I'd never be able to do that with most of the characters or stories from Marvel or DC's back catalogue and established universes. 


  1. Peanut butter ice cream;
  2. Peanut butter brownies;
  3. Granny smith (green) apple dipped in soft peanut butter.
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23 minutes ago, TheFinalEmblem said:

Pokemon Silver/Gold, I love the hell out of gen 2, and I still think it's the best one.


1. Fire Emblem

2. Agarest

3. Disgaea

Fire Emblem FTW. Awakening is my second favorite game of all time. I've also played Fire Emblem (the one with Lyn), Sacred Stones, and Conquest... So yeah, Fire Emblem.


1. One Piece

2. Naruto

3. Bleach

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in most cases guitar.


in texas hold'em poker

A: pocket deuces (lowest possible pocket pair but can sometimes turn into a set)

B: 10J suited (highest possible chance for draws but weak in almost all other cases)

C: ace rag suited (fairly weak hand but fair chances to hit the nut flush)

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9 hours ago, Joker said:

I say A, that sounds kinds nice and cause I really don't want this thread to die ^^

ok, i'll get poker isn't really a popular subject on this site :)

9 hours ago, Joker said:

B: A grimly dark character piece

i don't know but assume game of thrones and death note are considered "dark character pieces" so i'll go with B


A: winning 1 insanely hard platinum

B: winning 10 easy platinums

C: winning 50 gold trophies

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