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good but needs lots of fine tuning!


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I am really digging the combat depth and world. but its clunky and the customization is awful at the moment. my biggest gripe is all but 3 classes are locked out, not sure if you have to pay for them or unlock them naturally. anyways i can see the potential just needs lots of work. 

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On 3/29/2017 at 1:40 AM, cysymwe said:

They need to be locked from beginning. Where is fun if all is unlocked from start? No money for devs, etc. You need to unlock them by playing and paying (ingame or rm, as you wish).

it should let you pick which ever one you want then have to unlock the rest. I dont mind unlocking them, just kinda wish i could pick my fav to start with is all.  

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19 minutes ago, clintstrifez said:

really? ive only played for 2-4 hours (zelda has my number). well screw this game then. were do you even go to buy them?


If its anything like it was on PC, its going to be long while before you grind enough for them. Think of it like advance classes of the starting basic classes. So it sorta make sense you don't get them at start. I think only the way atm to get them on PS4 is a...."3 million credit donation". LOL

3 million credits is about 18,000 argents/gems.. which is about 18$USD.

You guys really paid for the early access? how much was it anyways? I'll just wait 2 weeks -_-; 


If you're into MMORPGS, I suggest looking into TERA more; coming this summer.



edit: NVM I see the early acces pack in store, and you cannnn buy the advance classes in the psstore...LOL

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8 hours ago, clintstrifez said:

wow the more i play this the more it feels like a mobile game and not a console game. i had such hi hopes for this but locking the classes behind a paywall makes this DOA for me. welp! back to Zelda!

There used to be a system in the game that let you get every class in game by farming for it but Idk what happened to that system? :/

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