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"Danger Close" Trophy Glitched?


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6 minutes ago, serialkilla1987 said:

I got it to pop as well, finishing the dlc in 2 sessions. Seemed to me like I did go over 30 but it definitely popped at 40-50. Also those weed related trophies were bull, I killed about 200 pages of a book while waiting.


Also got the plat back in January without any trophy glitches in the main game. When was the patch that glitched the trophies? I definitely do agree that the studio needs to be way quicker on fixing these bugs. As well as putting out the first DLC took way too long. I feel most people lost interest in the game altogether. Just another reason to avoid season passes.

Update 1.06 apparently broke some of the trophies in the main game, I Platinumed it last year myself.

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5 hours ago, serialkilla1987 said:

Also those weed related trophies were bull, I killed about 200 pages of a book while waiting.

yup! growing a plant and waiting for about an hour to grow so you can harvest is a pain in the ass... last three trophies i'm missing... 

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Guys i hope You realize that You can speed up growing process. Just in case i will post it. 
U need to have this fertilizers upgrades unlocked/bought. There are 2. Basically when You have the first upgrade u can use fertilizer on weed that has around 80%, 75 mayby. And it finishes it. Cuts the rest of time. 2nd upgrade gives You option fertilizing, finishing growth at 50% of completion so u save half of the required time. 
Thanks to that, its not so long. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Last night I finally got the Danger Close trophy - from the last time I had Mafia III installed (I had it uninstalled until the DLC came out and I could get round to it) I had maybe about $202,000 in my bank, which I spent entirely on proximity mines trying to get this trophy.


I killed hundreds of folks with these mines. Police, red marked enemies, in Sinclair Parish, outside of Sinclair Parish, in missions, outside of missions, setting them on the ground first (and whistling folks to come over - which is annoying as they spot them even round some corners and then shoot them, cheers) and throwing them at them.


After coming on here last night to peruse the forums, I was like - okay, this has to be glitched. I have no more money. It's fun, but I am not getting this trophy. Half an hour later, I'm just in the middle of finding the next strand for the Herbalism missions, threw a proximity mine at this one red enemy for jokes (I find it funny, what can I say) and it just pops. I sat there staring at it like - what. WHAT. 


Was at the point of being happy without it, but randomly happened. Good luck to everyone else who is struggling with this one or having it glitch on them.

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