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Got all the stickers for all Terra, Ven and Aqua. So got 20 stickers for all 3, and places them for 140 points.. but did not get the trophy Collector. Is there something am missing, or do I need to play the game again and get them all one more time.... 





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Yep, this trophy is an absolute glitchy mess and it took me hours of screwing around with my save files until I finally found a method that worked to unlock it. See this thread for some workarounds (I'm JFryes in that thread).

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I have solved this problem guys, I have three saves for the collector trophy.......

I have 2 completed files for Terra and Aqua (with all stickers), and a save where you only have to collect 1 sticker for Ventus......

First: delete the Birth By Sleep System Data (with the Mickey Emblem showing)

Second: add the 4 or 3 saves (one of the saves is just a duplicate of the Ventus file in case anything goes wrong for you.....)

Third: Start the game and just start up from any character and save so the game can create a new Birth By Sleep System data

Fourth:  Replay the final bosses for Terra and Aqua (don't worry they are maxed out and you should be done in like 5 - 15 mins if you skip the cutscenes)
Last: Play as Ventus and just collect the sticker and the trophy should pop up

*You'll be able to collect any other trophies as Terra like the Maestro Trophy (You only have to play the first song on expert and get a Fantastic Rating) and stuff.....

If you want to download it:

*If you don't want to lose any of your data, just move your save somewhere safe...

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