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Hey guys, I have finally finished SSFIV and I am very proud to have such a rare plat in my still very small game collection on PSN (I am working on that¬†ūüėĀ). I think the trials¬†were the hardest obstacle in this game and I couldn't have done these without the help of the pause trick for the harder ones (see my post in another thread on the SSF IV board here). C-Ranking was also a major pain in the ass but not very difficult if you have a boosting partner (just very time consuming).


Now that I have finished the game I thought it would be interesting to qualify the different characters' trials via a tier ranking. I got the idea from the forums on This list might be a help for newcomers to get a good start into trials (avoiding the harder characters at the beginning) but I am also interested to hear opinions from SF veterans on the board. Of course a ranking like this can only be an estimate as every person has different character preferences and it's also skill or even luck-dependant how you get through the trials. Anyway this is my personal ranking beginning with the hardest character (35) and going down to easiest (1). I also made short comments about my experiences in trial mode or just difficult trials which were a hard nut to crack


God Tier

35. Sakura (1-frame-links, 2 in #23 and #24!)

34. Honda (Insane HHS cancels)

33. Ryu (1-frame-links, especially in #24)

32. Ken (Strict Lv. 2 FA timing, Airborne Tatsumaki link in #24)


Top Tier

31. Gen (Full Gekiro timing in #24 = Hell!)

30. C. Viper (Nasty HJC timing from trial 13 onwards and Thunder Knuckle cancels…)

29. Chun-Li (Difficult charge and mash moves combos)

28. Rufus (#23)

27. Abel (#24)

26. Dan (Annoying Legendary Taunt links in #15 and #16, strict timing in #24)


High Tier

25. Seth (Unconventional air moves with somewhat difficult timing)

24. El Fuerte (Habanero Dash loop)

23. Balrog (Nasty trials overall, also early ones, #16 took me a while to figure out)

22. Zangief (1-frame-links, especially in #24)

21. Vega (#18)

20. Sagat (A lot of Focus Cancels and precise Ultra timing afterwards)

19. Cammy (Special timing for her ultra finishes, #22 is strange)

18. Juri (Fuhajin buffer)

17. Gouken (Strict timing in his later trials)

16. Adon (High speed cancels in his later trials)

15. Rose (Huge timing differences on some combos which might be confusing)


Mid Tier

14. Ibuki (Fast speed for target combos, #24 = HJC)

13. Dhalsim (#24 = Two Lv. 2 FA in one combo)

12. Guile (Some difficult charge combos)

11. Blanka (#24 = Hard 1-frame-link)

10. Makoto (Fukiage finishers are annoying, #24 is her hardest trial by far)

09. Akuma (Some difficult jump moves and tight links in his later trials)

08. Fei Long (Unique timing alternations)

07. Cody (Difficult ultra finishes)


Low Tier

06. Guy (Overall easy, some issues with the timing of his Bushin special moves)

05. M. Bison (Overall easy, some tight link timing in his later trials, no FADC though!)

04. Dudley (Easy, ultra fast and hard cancel from a Light Short Swing Blow in #19)

03. DeeJay (Easy, some issues with charge move cancels)


Lowest Tier

02.¬†T. Hawk (No comment¬†ūüėā)

01.¬†Hakan (No comment¬†ūüėā)

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I would not rate them as the original poster, however, if you can complete the following trials in USF4 then you can clear all of them. By the way, these are in no particular order.


Top 20 hardest trials


C.Viper 22, 24

El Fuerte 23, 24

Ibuki 24

Guile 20, 21, 24

Abel 24

Sakura 23, 24

Makoto 24

Adon 22, 23, 24

Gen 24

Blanka 24

Cammy 22

Ryu 24

Ken 24


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For me Only 1 Trials is hard the 21 of guile's, have clear the 24 of fuerte 2 time never take more 10min, same of viper


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