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would this be considered a shameful platinum?


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23 minutes ago, kingdrake2 said:

there's only 3 shameful platinums:


hannah montana

barbie puppy rescue


and then there's one other one (its not mayo). though others will say these aren't exactly the most shameful.

I think there are more than 3. I mean all those Japanese VNs where people don't even know what is going on but just click through the story for a quick plat.


I mean at least Hanna Montana as that annoying Bean Bag trophy to provide some difficulty.

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24 minutes ago, madbuk said:

Telltale games actually attempt to offer some narrative incentive to keep their users playing their games. There's actually a purpose to see it through to the end and enjoy the experience.

Mayo is literally nothing but tapping a jar over and over for a bunch of trophies. There's no meaningful narrative, no engaging gameplay, no replayability. Its only purpose at all is to get trophies - if you're not a trophy hunter, it's completely useless. If you're not a trophy hunter, you can still enjoy a Telltale game.


Also unlike other clickers, there's no cost/benefit analysis or maths to partake in.


I think it's disgusting a game like this got a platinum honestly. It really should've been a standard 100% list because there really isn't enough meat on the bone to warrant a platinum at all.


My comment was based in the "easy" aspect mentioned by the OP. That's why my comment goes specifically about difficulty, after that I made a nonserious statement about the dialogue, thus the emoticon.

Of course the story, mechanics, etc are meaningful in Telltale games. 

Quick question, if trophy hunters find disgraceful that Mayo has a platinum,  why don't just avoid it? Have you never avoided games with endless grinding, broken gameplay, boring as heck, etc?

Just a question, thanks for commenting.

At the end, it's developers choice what to do with the trophies. 

I dislike games that only has a bunch of bronzes. And most of times these games are harder than the ones that includes silvers and golds.

I don't think that Sony care about the trophy system.

We wouldn't have to take it as something that big. You're not agree with a platinum, avoid it. Just my opinion.

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My personal thoughts is that is totally a game that one gets just for the Platinum. There is no game play elements to speak of. This is even easier and quicker than the Telltale games, but at least that had some game play elements. There was no point to this game. I didn't experience any fulfillment or realization. I got the trophies and deleted the game.

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One of my children think it shameful. I don't though, I LOVE mayonnaise and the game fits my humour. I thoroughly enjoyed playing I Am Mayo on PS4 then PS Vita, one after the other. ?

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If you feel the need to ask this question, then yes, because you clearly think about what others think about your hobby that just as meaningless as theirs. Believe it or not, but this site's never going to implement a "flagged profile" feature for people's trophy cards that are diluted by games that are pretty throwaway ("shameful", as you call it). In the end, it's all just numbers, and the onus is on you to decide for yourself if you are really just playing games for quick, no effort platinums, or games that are legitimately entertaining and fulfilling.


I have games on my profile that are all over the place in rarity and difficulty, so I really don't feel burned on a 99 cent game that I only "played" just for shits and giggles.

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