Update 2.09

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New Stuff		
	Twisted Metal skins will be available for purchase next week	
	TDM/DM/OD all have a 1/3 chance of rolling in both Ranked and Unranked	
	If you are in a 2 man session and roll TDM as a session, you will be teamed up w/ your other session mate	
	Tower: Floors 1-15 and 20 all have a basement	
	- Monkey Tunings:	
		Monkey bomb reduced from 80dmg to 60 dmg.
		Emily Monkey random projectile weights adjusted: (32.5 homing, 25 Freeze, 17.5 Fire, 5 Homing Freeze, 5 Homing Fire )
		Devil Monkey  random projectile weights adjusted: (15 homing, 30 Homing Freeze, 30 Homing Fire, 20 bomb, 5 special)
	- Bronco ghosts last 8 seconds	
	- Drone Tunings: Updated drone fire rate to 0.5 fire rate vs 0.2	
	- Tommy Gun: Clipsize reduced to 50 bullets from 70.	
	- Fister:	
		Minimum damage and attenuation modifications to Fister projectiles to provide more baseline oomph.
		Full charge fister has minimum 30 DMG.
		Regular fister is maximum of 25% chargable damage or 5 DMG.
	• Brawl @ 150 hp fix	
	• Add 3 seconds to map voting time	
	More fixes for occasional invincible players in game	
	Fixed an issue with getting killed on the hand could cause a desync	
	Grindhaus level!	
	Sugar High level!	
	Watch the stream tomorrow to see these and new modes!	
	One last thing... there will be something special for the players who dominate this season's Ranked... stay tuned

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thank you so much. Unfortunately on the forum I can not find the update section :(


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