Possible to self-boost with two accounts?

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I'm thinking about maybe doing this, so I want to know, since I have two PS3s, can I do all the online by myself, with two accounts? Or does the online require more people to do it?


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yes this game just requires 2 people for online, just set your main account on ps3 and the other one for another player and should be good to go... just make sure to back up save regularly reading possible save corruption.

don't want to lose all that work. one last thing is GL you will need it.

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Besides the Kingdrake's tip, when you go after a weekly challenge, don't go to the platinum time (I think that is this name) after the first try. If you get it in your first try, you will only get 10k exp and lock out the bronze, silver and gold bonus. If you do a time between bronze and silver, silver and gold, gold and platinum and the last one above platinum you will earn 23k per event. It will really help with your grinding if you don't want to do it in one go.


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