'Catch a Flight' Trouble

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I am trying to get this one but am having issues. I can use the lure and get that one. I can make Laika fetch one but only when I pull the fish out with the lure and have it on the ground. I saw a video where they are jumping out the water and one lands to the side for Laika to fetch. Also I am using the net but nothing is happening. How do I get the fish to spawn and start jumping?


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I see you got this trophy, any tips for the laika one?.. I know if I use the lure also to pull a fish out it doesn't count.. I know it's been a few months but hoping anyone can shed some light on it.. been trying for a bit.. I'll see if I can get it still but struggling :D


Edit: I got it, had to reroute the power to power the box near the river to cause fish to start coming out..

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