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I find I have this issue with a lot of games that are critically and publicly acclaimed. Witcher 3 and Persona 5 are two examples but the most disappointing for me (as in I dont enjoy it, not that it's a bad game) is God Of War. Everyone say its game of the year, game of the generation etc. I played it until the stranger boss fight and was just bored. Yeh you'll probably say that's the game just opens up and you''ll be addicted after that but I cant see that.


I will try Witcher 3 again when I can though. Hopefully third time lucky!


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I can understand if somebody can't get into Witcher 3 because of technical aspects.


While this game has incredible story, gameplay, design, music... It has atrocious loading times which make Death March difficulty much more frustrating and kills half of the fun from seeing different dialouge options and choices. Want to see how the dialogue goes if you choose different dialogue option? Just load last save... and wait up to 2 minutes, despite Geralt standing IN THE SAME FREAKING PLACE. And while Death March difficulty is not that hard per se, 90% of frustration comes from loading time. When you fight with harder opponent(s) and keep dying, you spend more time watching loading screen than in actual fight. Probably polish programmers just couldn't cut these loading times more. Add clunky controls and ridiculous falling damage and you get the picture why this game can suck for some people.


Anyway, I'm currently on my 4th playthrough of Witcher 3 story and I still think it's a masterpiece despite these technical limitations and I would choose Witcher 3 over Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition combined.



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