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Free Dynamic Theme by visiting the PlayStation Blog

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51 minutes ago, audiopile said:

How does one run out of digital copies?

John was feeling friendly one day and bought X copies of Dawson's Creek episode 1 on the iTunes store to give away to his friends.

John has Y friends and posted the X copies of Dawson's Creek episode 1 on his Facebook page for his friends to download.

Y friends downloaded the Dawson's creek episode 1 

How many Dawson's Creek episode 1 downloads are left?


X = 30

Y = 30

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1 hour ago, angelgrievous said:

It's true, Ergo loves free stuffs.1f605.png

You know it! ?


I was getting "password" error when trying to get the code but after login the email I used which wasn't affiliated with my account worked like a charm.

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2 hours ago, Greenshyguy said:

I got it here in Australia via Pre-Ordering the game so I think for EU/AUS that was how you could get it (not sure if it comes with the game if you just buy it now though)

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Cheers dudie. Honestly more interested to give the whole piece a read later when I get time, but I'll take a free theme.


This is gonna be tough though, I still have my Duke 3D preorder theme and never wanna part with it, but I fucking love Loco Roco. Maybe I'll use it on my second account or something.

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8 hours ago, balotelli_boy45 said:

It gave me the code and the 2611.png on the redeem code and yet it says it may not be correct or no longer valid even though the theme code lasts until the 19th of May. I expected it to not work anyway before I tried it. Stupid psn stupid Sony 



r u sure it's not a region thing.

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2 hours ago, balotelli_boy45 said:

It might be but I don't remember seeing that when reading it


Did you try to redeem the code on your main account balotelli_boy45 or on a secondary account that is from the NA-region (e.g. US, or Canada)? If it's the first than it's a region-thing as NA-codes only work on NA-accounts.

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