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I have been experiencing 2 crashes at certain points of the game. After some research, it turns out it happens to people on the PS4 Pro. The crash is consistent and happens at 2 points that I have found so far: Before the first boss of the end of Terra's story and after the first boss of the Final Episode. There is a workaround, but you will need the disc version, as the problem is caused by the patch. The rest of the game is fine, no problems. I haven't started the Secret Episode yet, so I will update this thread if it occurs there too.




  1. Turn off Boost Mode (just to be safe)
  2. Delete the game data and reinstall, but don't download the patch!
  3. Restart the console (to be safe, but again, don't install the patch)
  4. Enter game
  5. Go to any area and kill at least one enemy
  6. Save before you go into the area with the crash (these two steps update the system file to say you no longer have the patch installed. If you don't do these two steps, not only will the longer times be longer, but it will still crash.
  7. It should let you past the crash point after these steps.


I am just posting what worked for me, in case anyone else is having issues. If you have the digital version and this occurs, your only hope is to wait for Square to release a new patch, or get the disc version, since the digital version comes with the patch installed. I have tried numerous ways to get around this crash and deleting the patch seems to be the only thing that works. It will not affect the bosses you're about to face, they will be the same as normal. As far as I can tell, it only happens on the Pro, not on the regular PS4. Something about the Pro just seems to disagree with the patch.


Final note, if you haven't started this game yet and have the digital version, I would recommend holding off starting it so you don't have an incomplete trophy list (or even if you are just in it for the story, because you can't continue with the patch).


Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps!

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