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Checklist - Google Drive & OneDrive


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To keep track of your Locorocos - Pickories - Muimuis - Times.


Each cell turns green when the required amount has been reached.


A comment on each cell to specify the required amount of said collectible for the level selected (except for Locorocos, since it's always 20 per level).


Time cell is in seconds, you can just put 1 if you got it, does the job.


A progress bar to get an idea of your progress for each world & collectible type.


The progress bar doesn't work on Google Sheets, and even if you download it from Google Sheets it won't work either.

If you wanna use it correctly use Excel Online or download it from Excel Online.


2 versions:

  1. "Locoroco", progress bar always update for each collectible found, so if a world has 2K Pickories, the Pickories progress bar has 2K different state.
  2. "Locoroco.Required", progress bar only updates if all of said collectibles for a level has been gathered, so each progress bar has 8 different state.

Version.1 Locoroco - Google Sheets
Version.2 Locoroco.Required - Google Sheets


Version.1 Locoroco - Excel Online
Version.2 Locoroco.Required - Excel Online

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Yeah, definitely the easiest way.


Just that I wanted to play through the game casually, enjoying it along and not retrying to much at the beginning, leaving it for the end.


So I made a quick checklist, just so I could keep track in a better way than the ingame stuff.


So I shared it in the event that someone wants to play the game that way too, it could help them.

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