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favorite one handed weapon


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Bladesman only works a maximum of 20% of the time, Hack and Slash will not work against enemies that can't bleed like Dwarven automata or Draugr, and Bone Breaker only works against enemies that can wear armor items like yours (so only enemy NPCs and not creatures or monsters). Swords are the quickest but do the least damage (but have all the best unique enchantments), maces are the slowest but do the most damage, and axes split the difference between the two extremes. It's a matter of personal taste, you can be successful with any of them if you play up their strengths and respect the weaknesses.

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Axes are the best early weapon as the bleeding damage can often do more than your actual blows (and as long as you stay away from those that aren't affected), but pretty soon maces and swords outclass them. The mace's stagger chance can compensate for its slowness, and ignoring 75% of armor is a huge bonus on those that are affected. The critical chance for swords is actually 20% chance per swing, so in actuality it could (but won't) happen every single time you hit the enemy, not 1 in every 5 hits. Combined with the 50% bonus damage for that critical hit it, and the fact it applies to every enemy, makes that perk the "best". This is balanced by the chance factor meaning that instead of a good return it could give a bad return and only activate 1 time in 100 (again unlikely). It comes down to which you prefer, mace or sword. Axes by way of being not as quick or as damaging do not offer a competitive alternative. In combat you want to master a particular way of fighting, not be flailing around as the longer it takes to kill the enemy the more chance they have of killing you.

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