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Bought this a while back in one of the many psn sales and only recently started it


Am pleasantly surprised how good it is. Every time I play, it sort of reminds me of old games like Hexen and Doom, but it also has a structure very similar to Tower of Buns with its randomly generated rooms


I thought it would just be a cheapo FPS but it actually grows on you and its easy to lose two or three hours immersed in it


There are a lot of trophies that are either tough or very grindy and the large volume of different weapons and power up perks means you are never too certain whats the best combination. But the element of luck as to what rooms you get means its always fresh and drives that 'just one more go' feeling.


Sadly they have boosted up the number of characters and stuff with the last update which means that a few of the trophies are now even harder and grindier, but on the plus side its just more gameplay for your cash


I do like an old skool shooter (probably because I am very old) and if you see this on sale for a few quid then its deffo worth a look. Its quite polished and will give you a long amount of game time for a small amount of cash.


Tips for weapons and tactics are a bit thin on the ground mind you, but I reckon saving your progress to the cloud or usb on certain trophy attempts might be key 




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