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Question on Acrobat trophy


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So on my first run using high Chaos I basically forgot to go for the drop assassinations for the Acrobat trophy.  Now I am on my ghost run.  Does anyone know if non lethal takedowns work for this trophy?  I mean it is the exact same thing, the only difference is whether you press R1 or you press R2.  You would THINK it would count, but Im thinking not.  I can always try to get it on the Flesh and Steel run, but it would be a lot easier having blink.

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I'm almost certain that I triggered it with a drop knockout.  I must have gotten 9 on my high chaos run through, and i was going to farm the rest on the ghost run in chapter 1 before reloading a save.  The first guy I hit, I messed up and just knocked him out and the trophy popped.  Your mileage may vary.  It accumulates through saves so if you find one good spot, you can save, assassinate, and reload 10 times.  Same goes for any cumulative trophy like the bonecharms one.

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