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On 12/27/2017 at 5:56 AM, ShaunDCameron said:

It is indeed hard. 


Not really just boring and time consuming.


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some of the missions are hard , but with determination it's can be done.


Here a very usefull weapon for  the all défense base mission is the GEOMANCER N16 QR/D it's destroy the big ennemy with hammer leggs very fast and killing every ennemy very fast , very easy for base defense. And maybe usefull for other missions too but not for the bosses.


For the  mission 4.6 extreme the best is the middle , because if you use the stairs for up down with walls while boss use attacks it's more more hard to dodge, in the middle very easy to dodge right or left , but with R1 and spam the circle button when the boss doing the jump attack it's 98% time success for escape the damage.


For the  mission 5.5 extreme the best is try to not pop the yellow monster can explode because sometime the boss stay with one ennemy hammer and the yellow monsters dont pop , more easy for focus the boss , just on the circle limit area fire and R1 or circle and go behind while he advance on you.


For the last mission extreme with all the bosses just do this way 

boss 1 SHOTGUN and fire again when he try up , down up down up while you have ammo

boss 2 SHOTGUN

boss 3 rocket launcher

boss 4 SHOTGUN

boss 5 SHOTGUN

boss 6 SMG

boss 7 rocket launcher if you dont target the boss and launch the rocket on right or left boss he stop a short time to run , so you can reloard the rocket and launch unlimited rockets, very easy...


and here the playlist i have watch for with the SSS rank extreme.


This platinum is hard but if you know how to play it's easy.





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At first it seemed hard on certain area's

Once you know where to go and to use the rocket launcher on certain levels, it makes the game play much easier

Time consuming for beating everything 3 times, plus grinding for weapons, kills come natural and you'll get to 10k.


Weapons that dismember is pretty helpful too.


just got the plat awhile ago, took 6 months cuz I played it in sections.


enjoyed the gameplay and slaying in thy under panties bra armor.


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Does anyone know how many weapons there are in total? I've been replaying the hell out of 2-2 and other various missions but never pick up anything new. I thought for sure it was 25 guns in each category (excluding sniper of course) but I just picked up a brand new assault rifle brining the total to 26 in one category after two hours of grinding. 

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