Fatigue Is At A All Time Low During Weekends

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I know this may not be the place to post this & isn't the best source to get advice from a medical standpoint but, maybe for the people who work days & nights can relate.


I work early mornings starting at 6am in a restaurant / club at night. My role varies from setting up the pub, cleaning, maintaining, stocking up, and the other odd job here and there. Now my boss suggested if I wanted to do nights in helping out with glass collecting, stocking, and again the other odd jobs that need doing during the busy nights which I agreed to. Now here comes the tiring part. 


My work hrs during the start of the weekend is Friday 6:00am - 10:00am <then> 10:00pm - 4:00am through Saturday morning followed by Saturday night 10:00pm - 4:00am through Sunday morning, then I start off a new week in the mornings from 6:00am. I know it might not be a lot of hours, but for someone who struggles to sleep in general due to GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) & other, I feel so exhausted. I've been so in-tuned with mornings that after about 8 weeks of doing the weekends, I still cannot get into a routine where I don't feel tired all the time.


My only option is telling the boss that i cannot do the weekends at nights, but considering there low on staff at the moment, i feel like a burden to them in not helping them out.


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It sounds to me that you might want to consider a job with a little more built-in structure. Jobs that require shifting hours are some of the hardest to work because they go against our body's natural desire to perform similar functions at the same time every day. I can only imagine how much worse that would be for a person suffering from a sleep disorder.


I see no reason for you to feel like you're being a burden to your employer by requesting weekends off. You've tried it out for two months and it just isn't working. Even if you do feel bad, you could ask to work extra hours on the weekdays or 6-10 am on the weekends to make up for those lost hours. That way, you make it clear to your boss that you still want to help out, but the weekend hours are negatively affecting your health.


Otherwise, I would suggest finding ways to improve how you sleep. Considering your disorder, I suspect you already have, but keep in mind that it's the quality of sleep that matters, not the quantity. I only get 4-6 hours of sleep per night, but I have a lot of energy because I make those hours count. I'd be happy to share some tips, if you want.

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