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So if you got OCD like me and cant stand not having all the abilities for the characters then I hope this guide helps ( P.S screw those emblems those aren't worth it and I'm available to help add me )


Step 1 - Find another player to play Cage Match (choose Player Match) you'll still get XP 

Step 2 -Both pick Black Baron

Step 3 - Decide who's winning 3 or 2 rounds for Cage Match since its only 5 rounds

Step 4 - Spam square pause for a second then square ( Baron hits multiple times if done correctly )

Step 5 - If step 4 is done correctly you'll be able to level up at least 10 levels 

Step 6 - Repeat steps 2-5 until you reach level 50 


Congrats you got all the abilities for practice mode,etc for all characters ( unless you didn't kill a 100 enemies in each stage in campaign mode for Jack/Black Side,Leo/White Side )


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Thanks for that, been meaning to play this for a long time..... installed in 2015, popped 1 trophy and haven't got back to it yet


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