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Souvenirs & Flesh & Steel Questions!


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I made some errors doing both characters trophies. I missed the Souvenirs & Flesh and Steel Trophies.


What I ask info of anyone is: Playing NG+, does that keep your souvenirs from your first playthrough ??? With the new choose mission option, can you jump back in a old mission, get a souvenir, save and go back to the menu without finishing the mission?


For Flesh & Steel, is it necessary to choose "no powers" from the Outsider (guides dont answer that) and with no power, is it OK to use the bonecharms to help get the trophies???


Thank you advance for helping! :)

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NG+ does not keep souvenirs, nor can you get some of them outside of the chapter you are supposed to get them (even though elite guards are everywhere and you can revisit the safe room in Chapter 9).  I don't believe you can jump into missions and get the one you missed, unless you play the game all through to the end.  I have not tried this though, as I missed chapters 1 and 2 and from the sites I was looking at you can't get them via mission select.


Flesh and Steel - you need to refuse the Outsider's gift and that's it.  Bonecharms don't count as powers strictly speaking and since you can't craft any you're limited to what you get in game, which isn't all that great.

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