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Is this still possible to complete?


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Hey, i've been hearing mixed things from people that the servers for this game were taken down a while back? I've heard people say this and others say that it's still possible to earn the online trophies.

Can anyone confirm for me that the servers have indeed been taken down?



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1 hour ago, midgetstrawdog said:

The servers were never announced but they were either taken offline or just broke


Last achiever of this was in 2016:



Ahh I see makes sense, thanks for the info mate :) looks like i'll just be beating the game on hard before trading it in

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The servers stopped working about a month or so after a boosting group I was in got it. Basically, it will not do a match search even with a party or solo. It will connect you but that's it. I knew something was up when the leaderboards weren't updating correctly.

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