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Hi, I'm a self described trophy speed runner and I'm thinking about attempting a speed run for the trophies of this game, so naturally I checked the current records and was rather shocked at what I saw. I know we aren't allowed to shame people in the forums and that's not my intent here I just wanted to ask how someone could obtain the following timestamps for the below trophies. Is it legit? If so does anyone out there have any tips for me on how it was done?


1Sa05aa5.png Half the journey
Complete all stages in A to D.
29th Dec 2016
11:35:03 AM
Very Rare
2S81c234.png Traversal
Complete all stages in A to G.
29th Dec 2016
11:35:11 AM
Very Rare
3Sf69edd.png Total traversal
Complete courses A to G.
29th Dec 2016
11:35:19 AM
Ultra Rare
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The only way to do that so quickly and legally is to transfer the progress from PSP to PS3 as the game was released on both consoles. That way the trophies will automatically pop as the game detects your data. However, if it wasn't done that way then I think it's not possible to have 8 seconds of a delay between "Traversal" and "Total traversal". It means that the player had to complete the last (G) course in 8 seconds. Not only that, but he had to do it also after receiving the "Traversal" and when you consider loading times between levels, the mannequin's walking and turning of the blocks the chances are surely at 0%.


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