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I just read through my messages and this is at least the 10th game / beta code I've given away, which is coo. I know there was another one or two but they were outside of the message box here. So officially, it's my 10th give away thing. Which is cool.


Here's the deal

If you want the code, throw your name in this thread. Simple as that. I'll fuck off and play some Uncharted for a few hours and when I bop back I'll pick someone at random to give it to. Easy.


Here's the other part of the deal

As the game was on Plus recently, I obviously don't need this code, but also, if you got it through Plus, putting the code on while you have an active sub won't let you "own" the game anyway, it's some weird bullshit on Sony's end that I've run into a few times. So basically, if you got the game through Plus, there's no real need for you to have this code, so pls don't be a dick and take it from someone who may have wanted it more.


Here's the story (You don't have to read this part)

I picked up my copy of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy earlier today, which I ordered so I would get me a sweet sweet free code for Jak and Daxter, and all was swell. The game was shrink wrapped so you know it wasn't one of the dodgy ones EB opened up beforehand, and the Jak code was on a separate bit of paper. Which made it all the more weird to open up the game and find a code for That's You in there. Not sure if it's a mistake or what, I couldn't find anything online about the game being included for free for anyone else, and it seems like something you'd mention leading up to a game's release "Hey, come buy our game, you get another 2 games for free with it" is a nice tagline. Anyway, it was shrink wrapped and shit, which makes me think it's not a mistake, but maybe it was and I just got lucky. Either way, I already have the game on Plus and it doesn't grab me enough to make me wanna hang onto the code until my sub ends to use it then and "own" the game for realzies, so I figured the nice thing to do is throw it up here for someone who missed out on it through Plus earlier. So yeah, and that brings you to now. I think I've talked long enough to let a decent bit of Uncharted install, and with that, I'm off to go stare at Chloe's ass a little bit for the first time since 2009 play me some Uncharted.


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