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Although this game has been around for a while, I purchased it just not too long ago. What a treat this game is, I am only bummed that I didn't get it much sooner than this.

Cuboid's initial appeal is its simplicity. You're a little rectangular block and using only the D-pad to flip onto one of its four faces, you'll scoot around a series of progressively complex puzzles. If you clicked that link in that paragraph above, this would hardly come as news, but the gist of the game is so simple that it really does bear repeating. The only real wrinkles come in the form of switches, teleporters and rickety wooden platforms, which reveal or hide extra platforms, split your rectangle into two identical cubes and fling them around the level or support the weight of your rectangle only when laying lengthwise to distribute the weight, with respects.

There are a few more rules to worry about (some switches require the full weight of your rectangle, so you can only trigger them by standing on end), but that's really it.


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Yeah I seen this game and it looks good. Iā€™m gonna play it soon šŸ˜„


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