Connoisseur - Equip an Exotic item in every slot on a single Hero

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Equip an Exotic item in every slot on a single Hero -

   -- Every Hero has 1 Head Gear Slot, 1 Melee Weapon Slot, 1 Ranged Weapon Slot and 
           3 Trinkets Slots.

Actually You need to Equip "Orange" Exotic item in Head Gear Slot, Melee Weapon Slot,  Ranged Weapon Slot and ONE Trinkets Slot 
(NOT in all 3 Trinket Slots, only remove from 2 others Trinkets slots - trinkets in others colors, if you have them, You Must have all Equipped - Only  "Orange" Exotic items at this time), 
what made this Trophy much more easy to earn. Get 3 "Orange" Exotic Trinkets - very tricky task in this game (more depends on luck).

Hope this little helps, Good Luck.


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